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Brand family in Thailand, 1954

Wallace Stevens

“The Brilliant Leaves” (a portrait of my longtime friend and neighbor, Felton Nease, who died at age 91 this past fall)

“Other Voices, Other Rooms” (Eagle Rock Farm, Wake County, NC)

“In the Courts of Love” (a portrait of the Rev. Robert Soka) 

“Goodbye to All That”

“Portrait of Ron”

“Hearthside” (Portrait of Henrietta Croom; The Webb house, Hillsborough, NC) 

“Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss”

William Faulkner (“The Dixie Special Arrives in Hollywood, with Baggage”)

My Brother, Victor Terry

“Side By Side” (Portrait of Mimi Dupree and children)

” In the Courts of Love” ( (portrait of a marriage; for Jaki Shelton Green and Hajj Abdul Lateef)

“Roen in the World”

“Reflechissant” (Portrait of Ngoc Tran; Quail Roost Farm. 2018)

“Summer Girls” (A Portrait of Jean Anne and Katie Gunter; Durham, NC)

“Mark Cool & Family” (Durham, NC. 2013)

“Des Venti Mundi” (portrait of Frances Mayes; Cortona)

“At Play in the Fields of the Lord” (portrait of Hoshin and Amelie)

Skip Cunningham Montage (commissioned by her children)

“Trade” (NYC; 1987)

“I Do”

Portrait de Erwan Mommeja Marin

“What’ll I Do?” (Portrait of Martini Emmart- Niedbalski, for Bob Niedbalski. July 2013)

Map of a Young Woman (Maude Adams, for David Hammond)

“Choose Joy” (for Kasse Brock and her son, Jackson….with great fondness and best wishes..)

“Fly Around, My Pretty Little Miss” (Portrait of Caroline Morton Huffman. Raleigh, NC. 2013)

“Sarah’s Smile” (for Sarah Ovenall. July 2013)

“Gioconda” (portrait of Laura Argiri; Durham, NC. 2013)

Suman Bhatia & Family (Durham, NC)