“And so It Goes”
Pencil. Pastel, and watercolor
I don’t have children, and certainly not grandchildren. I’ll admit that, as I recently said to my 83 year old mother, I might (particularly since Herve’s death) regret that…but I still don’t think that I’d be selfless enough (or, frankly, have the attention-span) to do the work. Parents and grandparents usually do. It remains that several of my best portraits over the years have been of grandparents and their grandchildren. Usually reading together. My next posting will show some of these from my portfolio..and, yes, there;s a good reason for this title.”And So it goes” (follow the link to the song).
This portrait was commissioned by a very patient lady nearly a year ago. Many thanks to Deb Baldwin.
The song ( “And So It Goes”, by john Denver) is:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A26mV3GuK9Y