“Parting Glances”
Pencils and watercolor.
2017 or so.
I was very happy this evening to discover that I did, indeed, have a scan of this small painting. I don’t know where the painting (which I liked very much) went, and I’d thought that I didn’t even have a record of it. The portrait is of my longtime, Charlottesville friend, Newby Day, and one of her many sealyhams (ALL of them were enterprisingly savage biters, even with no provocation….which adds a frisson of apprehension to this portrait. Over the years, everyone who came to the house learned to never move your feet or hands suddenly. That’s all the provocation these dogs need for a full-frontal attack). Newby died in, I think, 2019…the first to go in what I’ve come to regard as The Great Reaping among my friends and family in the past three years. At one point or another during nearly every day, I actively miss her. So, I’m awfully glad to have found this