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Many of these pictures are privately commissioned, but an equal number just come about naturally. I work alone at home, so I suppose it’s not TOO odd that I end up drawing what I talk to during most of each day.

In any case, I’ve always been awfully fond of and been around a great number of dogs, so I end up exploiting my friends’ and my own dogs on a regular basis.  As is evident, I rarely paint “cute” or notably “sporting” pictures; the majority of my portraits (whether of dogs or dogs & their owners) are quiet, fairly contemplative, and (I hope) dignified. I should perhaps admit my being grateful that, when I’m drawing dogs, they don’t (in contrast to a number of people I’ve painted) yatter on for two hours about their horrible date last weekend or whether, as an “artist”,  I think they’re getting fat. And, yes, I usually work from photographs…. did you ever try to convince a terrier to pose for two hours? It doesn’t work that way in this world…