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(99 images/4 pages).   I’m still surprised (pleasantly so, I should add) that most folks  regard me as a “landscape and dog artist”. That suits me just fine, although I wouldn’t have ever predicted that response to my work and preferences. I like dogs and don’t at all like cities…or the fuss…or the noise…or all the people. I didn’t grow up in a city, and my partner & I may be the only folks who own a lovely, 1920’s apartment in Paris that we’ve stayed in exactly two nights in eight years. Almost all of my landscapes are “from” (is that the word one uses?) either my own/family’s homeland ( Northeastern Tennessee and Southwestern Virginia) or the Western stretches of the Loire Valley (where I’ve spent much of the past eight years). Oddly enough, the two regions are fairly similar in several ways, and I happen to love the rural regions of both. I don’t have any particular interest in drawing or painting what I don’t know very well.