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pen and ink
I was commssioned to do this piece…but can you tell that Carson McCullers is at the top of my list of “Oh….what famous writer would I NOT want to ever have lunch with?”. What a tiresome person she was…….and the books weren’t, finally,THAT great.
I know, one’s supposed to separate the “art” from the person…..but, in her case, I’ve got to say that I don’t necessarily think her wrtings are such great “art”, and I’ve always thought that, despite a probably high I.Q, she just seems to have been a tiresome bitch-on-wheels.
I assume that she and Truman Capote are both in some special circle of hell…..gnawing on each others’ skulls and whining about how they don’t understand why no one REALLY understands them…..
As I said…..tiresome, tiresome, tiresome…..