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Portrait de Claire Briggant

“Anne” (another portrait of my sister-in-law, Anne Mommeja-Marin. Tours, France).

“These Days to Come”

First Loves (for my Father; Greeneville, TN. 1954)

“The Brilliant Leaves” (a portrait of my longtime friend and neighbor, Felton Nease, who died at age 91 this past fall)

“A Journey to The Garden Gate” (New Orleans, circa 1960)

“October Light”

“Why Should I Cry For You?” (Portrait of Herve Mommeja-Marin; Barcelona)

“So Early in the Spring” (Portrait of Mary Frances Vogler)

“Mark Cool & Family” (Durham, NC. 2013)

“Romance In the Dark”

“Des Venti Mundi” (portrait of Frances Mayes; Cortona)

Hollis and Mother (Hattiesburg, Mississippi…sometime a while back)

“On the Bright Side of the Road (Portrait of Godfrey Herndon; Hillsborough, NC. 2013)”

“Too Late Now” (George and “Dolly”; Richmond, Virginia. 2013)

“Portrait of Louanne Watley”

Portrait de Erwan Mommeja Marin

“What’ll I Do?” (Portrait of Martini Emmart- Niedbalski, for Bob Niedbalski. July 2013)

Map of a Young Woman (Maude Adams, for David Hammond)

Tous Les Matins Du Monde (Portrait of Danielle, Anne, Max, Arwen,et Julie Mommeja-Marin. Christmas Morning, 2009. Tours)

Geraldine Brooks, Tony Horwitz, and Nathan Horwitz: “Three for the Road”

“Fly Around, My Pretty Little Miss” (Portrait of Caroline Morton Huffman. Raleigh, NC. 2013)

“Sarah’s Smile” (for Sarah Ovenall. July 2013)

“Gioconda” (portrait of Laura Argiri; Durham, NC. 2013)

Suman Bhatia & Family (Durham, NC)

Max Matthews

Quand nous étions très jeunes (portraite de Danielle et Arwen; Tours, France)

Max & Julie; Meslay de Grange, Tours, France 2012

“Another Spring” (portrait of Newby Day & Pip; Charlottesville, Virginia. April 2013)

“Riptide” (Wilmington, NC, 2005)