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MFK Fisher (Poet of the Appetites)

“Scegli la Gioia”

“Happy All the Time” (portrait of Tobias Robert Evans and Father William Sirr; Glasshampton Monastery, Worcestshire. 1930/2023)

“Too Late Now” (George and “Dolly”; Richmond, Virginia. 2013)

“The Circle” (portrait of Katherine Sullivan Oztekin and her mother; Mountain Brook, Alabama)

“What’ll I Do?” (Portrait of Martini Emmart- Niedbalski, for Bob Niedbalski. July 2013)

Geraldine Brooks, Tony Horwitz, and Nathan Horwitz: “Three for the Road”

“For Anya Tatevoysan. #1”

“For Anya Tatevoysan; #2”

“All of It” (portrait of Laura Argiri; Durham, NC)

“Lean In Towards The Light”

“High, Wide, & Handsome” (portrait of John Reed; Chapel Hill, NC

“Why Should I Cry For You?” (Portrait of Herve Mommeja-Marin; Barcelona)

“Nobody’s Girl”

“Souviens Toi de Moi…”

“Imani’s smile” (for Jaki Shelton Green, with gratitude)

“Myn Lyking” (Portrait of Sharon Wheeler and Grandchildren; Christmas 2015)

“Bette Davis Eyes” (Portrait of Dawne Anderson. circa 1989)

“A Glad Kindness”

“My Girl” (Portrait of Terry Graedon)

Blanton at Sewanee (second version, twenty years later)

Francesca Matthews

“Anne” (another portrait of my sister-in-law, Anne Mommeja-Marin. Tours, France).

“These Are The Good Old Days”

Carson McCullers (Carson McCullers in the Garden of such Delights as Seem Her Particular Portion)

“The Feet of a Dancer” (for Melissa Bell Mott, of Anna Mott)

Edgar Allen Poe (for the News and Observer)

James Agee

Flannery O’Connor (Miss O’Connor is At Home Today…)

“Parting Glances”