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Tous Les Matins Du Monde (Portrait of Danielle, Anne, Max, Arwen,et Julie Mommeja-Marin. Christmas Morning, 2009. Tours)

“A Safe Place”

“These Are The Good Old Days”

Carson McCullers (Carson McCullers in the Garden of such Delights as Seem Her Particular Portion)

Edgar Allen Poe (for the News and Observer)

James Agee

Blanton at Sewanee

Edna St. Vincent Millay

“In These Times”

“These Days to Come”

“Common As The Rain” (Herve Mommeja-Marin and Morgan; Durham, NC)

“The Reed Daughters”

“Choose Joy” (Portrait of Dorie Greenspan)

“Undone Again” (Tom Rankin and Grandson)

Love, actually…

“Thieves in the Temple” (portrait of John Michael Lopez. 1960-1990)

Brand family in Thailand, 1954

Wallace Stevens

“The Brilliant Leaves” (a portrait of my longtime friend and neighbor, Felton Nease, who died at age 91 this past fall)

“Goodbye to All That”

“Hearthside” (Portrait of Henrietta Croom; The Webb house, Hillsborough, NC) 

William Faulkner (“The Dixie Special Arrives in Hollywood, with Baggage”)

“Why Should I Cry For You?” (Portrait of Herve Mommeja-Marin; Barcelona)

“Summer Girls” (A Portrait of Jean Anne and Katie Gunter; Durham, NC)

“So Early in the Spring” (Portrait of Mary Frances Vogler)

“Mark Cool & Family” (Durham, NC. 2013)

“Romance In the Dark”

“Des Venti Mundi” (portrait of Frances Mayes; Cortona)

Hollis and Mother (Hattiesburg, Mississippi…sometime a while back)

Skip Cunningham Montage (commissioned by her children)