“Sometimes a Shining Moment”
Pencil, Pastel, and Watercolor
Aren’t these birds beautiful? I was highly surprised to hear from my pal, Amanda Cushman (google her), that they don’t, in fact, live in Egypt or Cambodia or somewhere equally-exotic……..but in her backyard on the Connecticut marshlands. They’re “Glossy Ibis”, and apparently are common as pig-tracks in some places.
Who knew?….
In any case, I think they’re beautiful, and Amanda
(now living with her husband in Valencia, Spain) said that stay-at-home me could paint them.
The painting is far more nuanced than is indicated here. The birds are on a marsh, not a white beach). As ever, however, my scanner isn’t differentiating between pastels and oil pencils….it’s one or the other (or buying an 800 dollar, separate scanner…which we are not going to do). Suffice it to say that the original is far more subtle, as its eventual buyer will see