“First Loves”
Pencil, pastel, and drybrush
Having finished up some markedly tiresome work this morning and early-afternoon, I painted this….just for the pleasure of doing so (it’s small and, yes, it took only four hours….at this stage of the game, I know full-well what I’m doing). Isn’t it lovely, though? I can’t, of course, sell it…..I THINK the originating photograph was sent to me by one of my Facebook, horsewomen pals, Gayle Allor Dauverd. In any case?…..someday, someone will adequately explain to me this Big & Mysterious connection between young girls and horses. Jut now, I’m recalling a meme which said (so to speak) “Teach a young girl to love a horse, and she’ll never be able to afford a house of her own”. That said?….I think this is lovely and will probably just send it to Gayle. It’s nice to occasionally have a free afternoon to paint something just for the joy of doing so.