“World Enough & Time”
Pencil, pastel, and watercolor
December 2023

I first drew/painted this about twenty years ago…..for my longtime pal, Newby…..and her big, somewhat chaotic, wonderful 1859 house in Charlottesville’s Hysterical district. I stayed there on extended visits many times over many years, and I spent at least 30 Thanksgivings there, until Newby died three or so years ago. Her house was, for decades, filled (pretty much every day) with her snapping/vicious Sealyham terriers, a couple of superannuated parrots, and a constant parade of folks dropping by and in for drinks or tea…but ALWAYS conversation. Those who lagged in the latter were left by the wayside. I don’t recall anyone’s ever being dismissed for being drunk or wittily rude (it did, however, have to be witty)…….but more than a few bores never lasted beyond two visits.
I started this last week, on Thanksgiving Day…the first I’ve spent alone in years….recalling all those wonderful, crowded Thanksgivings I (and, in later years, Herve and I) spent at Newby’s. I do miss her.
And, yes, she would recognize the title’s literary reference.