(oil pencils and pastel. 14″x17″ framed)

This was perhaps my favorite picture from my recent “Traveler’s Rest” show, if for no reason other than its exemplifying my chronically conflicted (I gather that’s the term therapists would reach for) relationship with cows. I know that folks think they’re “Sweet”. They certainly are placid (for the most part; I’ll admit to thinking nothing’s funnier than watching a group of them go all-spooked in a field….nothing over-reacts like a cow does). Moreover, I grew up knowing full-well that cattle were just really-really stupid.

As subjects, they do have the attraction of sittting or standing still for astonishingly long periods of time. Of course, the answer to “Wonder what’s going on in their minds?” is simply “Just a dial-tone….”

That said?….I realize that I do draw and/or paint them pretty regularly, both here and in France. Perhaps things would change, and I’d have a wider range of subjects, if I got over my willies and spent more time in Paris or New York City.