Oil pencil, pastel, and watercolor

A lady from Richmond who’s also a constant reader of Sharon Santoni’s good blog “My French Country Home” recently wrote to me, politely wanting to know if it was possible to commission a painting. I told her yup…..we were still in business.

So….I subsequently had an email from the lady (who shall remain remain nameless,since this is to be a present for her husband) in which she told me that her husband had, past retirement age, gotten his FIRST DOG.  That was inconceivable to me…..60 years old, and you get your FIRST dog?  I’ve plowed through and buried hundreds, it sometimes seems, since the Johnson Administration.
Well?…..according to the lady, husband-George and dog-“Dolly” are now utterly inseparable, which I find charming (a word I seldom use) and sweet (a word I NEVER use unless I mean it).
I should emphasize that the title is taken from one of my favorite love-songs….”Too Late Now“.  You can hear it by going to: