“Myn Lyking” (Portait of Sharon Wheeler and grandchildren)
pastel, watercolor, and pencil

This was my Christmas present for our town’s much&deservedly beloved Sharon Wheeler…..the owner of Purple Crow Bookstore in this town, chock-a-block with writers.

All that I, like many local folks, have to say is that seeing/encountering Sharon (even when the store is packed with customers) always makes me simply happy.  She’s just a really lovely person.

The Title’s taken, of course, from  the very beautiful King’s College Choir recording of “Myn Lyking”, from The Festival of Lessons & Carols.  It’s utterly appropriate for Sharon.

Go to:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=APgtbPS1smc

“I saw a fair mayden sytten and sing
She lulled a little childe, a sweete Lording.

Lullay mye lyking, my dere sonne, my sweeting.
Lully my dere herte, myn own dere derling.

That same Lord is he that made alle thing,
Of alle lord is his is lord, of alle kynges King.

There was mickle melody at that chylde’s birth
All that were in heav’nly bliss, they made mickle myrth.

Angels bright sang their song to that chyld;
Blyssid be thou, and so be she, so meek and so mild.”

Words: Traditional, 15th Century / Music: Richard Ruciman Terry