Pastel, Pencil, and Watercolor

I should emphasize that,for years, I’ve exploited my family, friends, and dogs for my paintings….suffice it to say that,just because they’re in the thing, that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily ABOUT them.(or, for that matter, that I’ve bothered to even ask for their permission; this is one of the dangers of knowing me). This painting (which I began two months ago when I was just out of the hospital, so it wasn’t too hard to finish it in an 8 hour stretch today) is of the writer,Laura Arigiri…..with whom I lived (and shared her grandmother’s house) for seven early and good years.  Many continued thanks to Laura, of course.  The title’s taken from this fine song (and I don’t think the title makes much sense unless you listen to the song)….Please go to: