17″ x 15″ (matted)
pencil and watercolor on bristol board
Indian Fields Farm is a lovely place, in a fairly remote location…17 miles off the interstate above Abingdon, VA. For a while, we toyed with buying the place…if nothing else, who wouldn’t want to be able to say “I’m the only Sewanee alumnus who happens to live in an 18th century log-fort?”. In the end, though, we hastily retired from the transaction, particularly when the owner’s wife (while guiding us through the 18th century blockhouse on our third tour, chipperly announced that her husband had done ALL THE ELECTRICAL WIRING HIMSELF!!!!”).
Basically?… I’ve still got a lot dreams to fulfill in this life, but burning to death on some winter night in an 18th century Smythe county log bulding isn’t among them. Fortunately, I spent a year going back and forth, painting the different views from the house…..and the views were all I ever wanted, in the first place.