ink and watercolor
20″ x 24″
I love this picture (It hangs in the fancy-new front bathroom, which is reserved for ladies and dog-bathings). When I drew it, I was thinking of Minton Sparks and Marshall Chapman (both of whom are very-funny/very-smart women I’ve never actually met, but whose work I admire. Oddly enough, Minton recently did me the great favor of “friending” me on Facebook…woo-hoo!…). At the time, I wondered if we’re both now obliged to bake a cake and send it to Our New Friend?
The quotation is from the inimitable (one could do/say a lot of things to/about him, but it’d be near-impossible to IMITATE him) North Carolina writer, Allan Gurganus’s novel “Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All”:

**”Family…..Can’t live with them, can’t get born without them…..”**
(that’s probably misquoted, and I’ll no doubt hear of it).

Allan’s writing is always good….but when it’s great (particulary in regard to just declaring a home-truth or a keen observation?),… Well, very few folks do it as well as he does.