ink and watercolor
The central, cackling figure in this picture is my friend and neighbor, Madelyn Smoak. It’s probably most accurate to refer to her simply as “an artist”, since she seems to have successfully done everything from acting on the New York stage with a renowned bluegrass-band to painting to metalwork….etc.,etc….
Interestingly enough? The original photograph of her was taken in the early 80’s for a “Southern Seasons” sales brochure (this was, of course, LONG before everyone’s favorite Chapel Hill store from the 70’s went national in the 90’s. I have no idea who handles their glitzy, mass-mailed catalogues now, but I doubt the job’s still being done in the back produce-storage room).
And as for Madelyn, herself? One of her many claims to fame is having gone up to New York City with the Red Clay Ramblers in 1975….to play Belle Starr in the production of the musical “Diamond Studs”.
One of the things I love about Madelyn (who moved to Chapel Hill from her native South Carolina in the 70’s) is that a relative new comer like me can mention something/one “famous” (“A Southern Season”, The Red Clay Ramblers, etc)….and Madelyn just waves her hand and merrily fetches-up with some tale of when they were all just 25 year old, Chapel Hill hippies starting out on their various projects.
Oh, the bulldog belongs to my republican brother in East Tennessee. Her name is “PC” (short for “political correctness”.