“The Water’s Edge”
Pencil, pastel, and watercolor
June 2020

I’m supposed, according to a deckle-edged invitation I received in March, to attend and donate to the yearly auction/ball for the county’s most prestigious fox-hunting “club. I don’t know these folks, since all the estate-owning and horse-riding folks I used to know in the 1980’s are dead as doornails. I’ll admit to remaining amused at the thought (as expressed to me by several folks when I received the unsolicited invitation) that there are contenders for the title of “most prestigious”. I wasn’t aware that there was a competition. Going through my portfolio of unfinished paintings last week, I came across two foxy pitchers (they always sell, for reasons unknown to me, since I’ve always gathered that most folks are scared of foxes). Being more practical and less socially-ambitious than used to be the case, I decided to finish them up and offer them for sale (hence, this posting). It remains, quite aside from the supposed delights of the hunt-ball, that my only tuxedo is, I assume, still mouldering somewhere in the depths of a storage barn (and it IS an actual barn) outside of Hillsborough. Herewith?…..another fox painting (and another to be finished this afternoon and posted tonight).