“Remember This”
Pencil, Pastel, and watercolor
April 2020
And, yes…I can paint like this (i.e., like every Southerner’s, camellia-painting, talented great-aunt)…..but I’ve been an accomplished forger since the sixth grade, when I would sign parents’ signatures for other kids’ notes-going-home. Perhaps I should emphasize that I’m selling (and doing) these new paintings in order to take my little paycheck off the worries that my kind friends (the owners of this old and lovely inn, which they’ve owned for almost twenty years) have on their backs during these difficult times. The title, and the painting itself, came about today (and, yes, it took me only about six hours….I don’t waste time or effort when the subject/concern is immediate to me…it all came about surprisingly quickly this afternoon). Suffice it to say that I was taken aback this morning by someone’s (a client, to be exact) saying “Oh, GOD….TELL me about it!….let me guess….he was f***g someone else??? I HATE that….”. I thought “Would to God things were so simple…”…..but I merely said “Ummmm…..yeah, I guess so. Anyway, I hear Austin is a lot of fun…..it must be kind of quiet there now?”. For what it’s worth, I painted this, this afternoon, listening to this song on repeated-repeat. I loved it in the 90’s, but never thought I’d be living it 25 years later……go to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nSz16ngdsG0