“And We Will Have Days and Days Like This”
Pencil, pastel, and watercolor
March 2020

This one’s for all the women-friends I have (and there are more than a few) whose sweetest moments are during those long walks with their dogs. Contrary to the popular stereotype, I know as many “dog women” as I know “cat women” (and who, not entirely by the way, ever refers to a “cat man” or a “dog man”?). In any case, this one is for those jolly, dog-loving women in my life. I’d originally thought, a couple of years ago, to do it for my writer neighbor (I had a lot of these in Hillsborough), Jill McCorkle….butI never got around to doing it until today. The title is taken from David Hare’s play, “Plenty” (see the movie,starring an early Meryl Streep….it’s one of my bittersweet favorites)……..it’s a line she youthfully exclaims on a hillside in Southwestern France on the afternoon in 1945 when the news arrives that the war is over, and life can return to whatever “normal” might have been or might come to be………