"October Light"
I am (just now, at least) so completely OVER this picture; Lord knows why I thought it would be "fun" to paint a corner of the front room of my Durham house (which, while I love the far-larger, 220 year-old, and far grander Webb House in Hillsborough, I perhaps loved even more....it was my first home & garden, for eight good years).
Still?.....I've just finished working on this damn thing after seven hours.  At one point, I was struck by the absurdity of my painting a picture of the large (and very accurate, I'm pleased to admit) painting/copy I made of an Andrew Wyeth painting...since I couldn't, in those early days, afford art by anyone but myself.
It is ODD, you have to admit, to find yourself copying yourself copying somebody else.
I know....too "Alice in Wonderland" for words to express.
Still?....the flowers are pretty...."Lemon Queen" sunflowers from the snooty-boots White Flower Farms catalogue (which I generally regard as horticultural porn...nice to think about,but not worth the going-price of the actual thing).  These "Lemon Queen" sunflowers are expensive....but,however, WORTH the cost; they really do bloom all summer long, no matter what weather comes along.
watercolor and pastel pencil
12" x10"