ink and watercolor
20" × 24"

I love this picture (It hangs in the fancy-new front bathroom, which is reserved for ladies and dog-bathings). When I drew it, I was thinking of Minton Sparks and Marshall Chapman (both of whom are very-funny/very-smart women I've never actually met, but whose work I admire. Oddly enough, Minton recently did me the great favor of "friending" me on Facebook...woo-hoo!...). At the time, I wondered if we're both now obliged to bake a cake and send it to Our New Friend?

The quotation is from the inimitable (one could do/say a lot of things to/about him, but it'd be near-impossible to IMITATE him) North Carolina writer, Allan Gurganus's novel "Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All":

"Family.....Can't live with them, can't get born without them....."
(that's probably misquoted, and I'll no doubt hear of it).

Allan's writing is always good....but when it's great (particulary in regard to just declaring a home-truth or a keen observation?),... Well, very few folks do it as well as he does.

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