“Horseman” (portrait of Will Faudree; Southern Pines, NC)
Pencil, pastel, and watercolor
2023 (NFS)
I had a sort of horrible morning (Dealing with older folks’ doctors, medical plans, etcetera), but I, given my circumstances, always have the option of saying “Fuck the beginning of the day…..I’m going to give morgan a treat for lunch, close the door, and paint what makes me happy”. And THAT is good advice (insofar as you can follow it) for everyone.
I’ve thought, for a long while, of painting Will. He’s unavoidably handsome, of course. Go to his readily-available Facebook page, and you’ll see how he usually dresses in public (it doesn’t, as a general rule, involve Mexican wedding shirts)….or just google “Will Faudree”.
He’s a nice boy (and don’t I sound old to be writing that?), and he’s apparently a world-class horseman. He/his looks remind me, very much, of someone I used to know, a long time ago in Virginia…..and doesn’t THAT make me sound old?
This will be a gift to jolly Will. Friend him on Facebook, and learn all about the world of ultra-dedicated horse-training. I know nothing about that world, but am learning
P.S. I have no idea if what he’s holding is a really big devotionary candle (the nuns charge a buttload for those) or simply a sheaf of real-estate documents,