“All the Mornings of the World”
(portrait of the Webb House, Hillsborough, NC)
Pencil, pastel, and watercolor

This is another version (completed over a rainy day in this big, old, suddenly deserted inn) of “Lauds”….but I did, upon waking every morning in the Webb House,, let the dogs out the kitchen door, and sit, with a cup of coffee and a first cigarette, to watch the morning light change in the same window….of the old smokehouse, which was joined to the house, across the courtyard, during the renovation. Those were lovely mornings, indeed. Of course, I lost the house during the ugly business of two years ago….but I intend to continue painting it. I have no idea if this painting is (after a day of working on it) any good. Contact me if you want it; as ever, recently, I’m simply painting so that I can tell my friends, who own this inn, that they needn’t worry about my paycheck. Thanks as ever…..