JD has, for several decades been one of those folks-in-the-business in regard to whom most people say “Who?”……and then I respond with “Oh…tell me you don’t know THIS”…….and I play one of ten or so hits by The Eagles or  or twelve or so by Linda Ronstadt, and folks instantly/predictably respond with “Oh, I LOVE that song”.

He’s a marvelous singer/songwriter….and, yes, he’s still singing/recording (and sounding eerily just the same as he did at 25) these days.  His latest album, “A Natural History”, is particularly fine.

This is JD, back in his early, long-lean-&-hungry look (I’ve learned, over the years, that women just SWOON over this “look”; James Taylor was The King of it), early days…..

The title is taken, of course, from one of his best-known songs……..go to this lunk to hear it:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NGmUYlsXTD4


“Faithless Love”
pencil, watercolor, and pastel
10″ x13″