Pastel, pencil, and Watercolor

Oh, I haven’t had this much fun painting anything since sometime late in the Johnson administration. I first became aware of this dog (and, yes, I’ve been assured that it is “pure dog”) when I asked my longtime, Sewanee Friend, Stacey Mackenzie Means, how her younger sister (who also went to Sewanee) was doing these days. Stacey’s account of Jetta’s doings was encouraging, but brief…….and then Stacey got onto “But you GOTTA meet Jetta and her husband’s DAWG!!!! It’s a Devil Dawg!!!!”. Devil Dog (which seems to be referred to also as “Long Dog”) seems to occupy the largest and sweetest portion of the McKenzie sisters’ imaginations. I finally asked Jetta to send me a picture, and I got this shot……along with maternal assurances that he was actually VERY SWEET, and that this was his “SMILING”!!!! Smiling,, indeed……….(obviously, we can all feel a bit less insecure about our own dental issues)…..