“And Always, Still, Another Spring”
Pencil, pastel, and watercolor
June 2020
To see some lovely (and often amusing) things, go to Allie Conrad‘s Facebook page. Allie’s a fine and well known horsewoman/photographer (do go to her website by googling her name), living on her horse farm in South Carolina with an undetermined (insofar as I can figure) number of Jack Russell terriers, her horses, one patient husband, and at least three Royal Palm Turkeys (the startling beautiful, starkly black and white,but just-as-appallingly-dumb-as-the-average-turkey breed). Like my pal, Charlotte Herdliska (the official fire marshal of the unfortunately-for-now-named “Corona, Arizona”), Allie is, above all, just a wonderfully independent and irrepressibly JOLLY woman…..which is a rare thing these days. Her answering machine message makes it politely-but-firmly clear that, if she can’t answer the telephone, it’s because she’s probably out on a tractor. She took the originating photograph for this small painting. I found it sweet and hopeful (these are her mares and foals, at her farm)…..so, I cut off the bad-news radio today, and I painted this. We all need some good news these days……..