"Undone Again" (Tom Rankin and Grandson)

"Undone Again"
architectural pencil and pastel


Oddly enough, the last portrait I did of a grandparent who's all-too obviously (if charmingly so) gone completely defenseless in the presence of a grandchild was of my friend, Susan Schwarcz, and her own grandson, Alexander.

"Undone Again" is of my neighbor, Tom Rankin, and his new(ish) grandson. Tom's a neighbor...living just outside of town with his wife (the writer Jill McCorkle), a passle of big dogs, a herd of prolific goats, and at least one donkey.

As you can probably tell, I was charmed by the originating photograph...in which the baby has decided to start teething on Grandpa Tom's glasses.....and the former Director of the Duke Center for Documentary Studies couldn't care less.......