“For Anya Tatevoysan. #1” (see link, below, to “Sarah Maria”)
Pencil, Pastel, and drybrush
“…She took me out walking to the corner of her world/And everyone was talking ”bout such a pretty little girl….”—–James Taylor, “Sarah Maria”
Anya is Russian and lives in New York. She commissioned the two portraits a few months ago.
I’ve painted her granddaughter twice, gave up, and started again, yesterday. She’s such a grave/earnest little girl that none of the usual “child-portrait” (and I don’t really have any experience with actual children) tricks work.
I hope that this version, done over the last three days, works. She’s a remarkably grave-looking little girl…..and the only song for this is one I learned decades ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WzdUt-uF_Pg