“Side By Side” (Portrait of Mimi Dupree and children)
Pencil, pastel, and watercolor
Between moving (“temporarily”) four times and being hospitalized twice since 15 April, I haven’t been very businesslike at my normal business. Today, however, I made a point of finishing up this portrait (which poor Mimi paid for back in May, I think). Talk about a tribe of jolly redheads? This was a hard one to paint/draw…they’re ALL (obviously) wildly smart, moving targets. I first met Mimi’s husband when I was a Freshman at Sewanee in 1978. All these years later, he still teaches English literature, and Mimi is a medievalist. I follow her on Facebook and regularly consider that I wouldn’t last an evening with four such relentlessly intelligent and boisterous children. In any case, here is your portrait, Mimi…..and thank you for your friendship. The only song for this is: