watercolor, pastel, and pencil


A portrait of my fine friend and neighbor, April Brown.

And, yes, the title’s stolen from an awfully good (and somewhat relevant, although I’d emphasize that April’s scarcely anybody’s  girl-waif) Bonnie Raitt song….go to:

“She don’t need anybody to tell her she’s pretty

She’s heard it every single day of her life

He’s got to wonder what she sees in himWhen there’s so many others, standing in line
She gives herself to himBut he’s still on the outsideShe’s alone in this worldShe’s nobody’s girl, she’s nobody’s girl
She shows up at his doorstep in the middle of the nightThen she disappears for weeks at a timeJust enough to keep him wanting moreBut never is he satisfied
And he’s left to pick up the piecesWondering what does he do this forShe’s off in her own little worldShe’s nobody’s girl, she’s nobody’s girl
He said, “Before I met her, I didn’t love nothin’I could take it and leave it, that was okay butShe brings out a want in meFor things I didn’t even know that I need”
She does anything she wants, any time she wants toWith anyone you know, she wants it allStill she gets all upset over the least little thingMan, you hurt her, it makes you feel so small
And she’s a walking contradictionBut I ache for her insideShe’s fragile like a string of pearlsShe’s nobody’s girl
She’s fragile like a string of pearlsShe’s nobody’s girl, she’s nobody’s girlOoh, she’s nobody’s girl…”