“ A Singer True and Fair” (portrait of Em Turner Chitty; with continued gratitude to the line of women from whom she descends)
Oil pencil, pastel, and drybrush
It’s been a hard week, but I took a mental-break, necessary TIME OUT this afternoon and tonight to happily finish this portrait of Em. She’s the daughter of Betty Nick Chitty (who did the work to change my life when I was only 17). I painted Em’s lovely daughter, Sophie, as gift to Em. a couple of months ago. And now?….I’ve drawn/painted Miss Em (who is a predictably hardworking educator back in Knoxville). This is taken from a scratchy photo taken of Em, back in the day…….but I think it is lovely. I’ve now painted three generations of the women in this family (out of gratitude for Mrs. Chitty’s early kindnesses to me), and this old boy will be going to bed, quite happy, tonight. To perhaps understand what I’ve known for decades?……go to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N7nHiBCUxu4