pencil and watercolor on bristol board
I’ve always been fond of this old (by my standards) picture of a “Sunbeam” bread truck trundling its way along a country road……if for no other reason than (and I kid you not) my high-skool French teacher (a very pretty, vivacious woman who also coached the cheerleaders of Science Hill High School) had actually and truly and genuinely been **A SUNBEAM GIRL**!
Her image had actually been on bread packages when she was six, and no one in town ever forgot that for a minute. As far as we were concerned, she was Our Celebrity. I adored her beyond measure, of course (she was, actually, a good teacher), and the biggest thrill of my entire high-school career came when she gave me FIRST PRIZE for “French Day”.
At age 15, I had put my own mother (who’s never cared didly-boo about cooking) through the wringer as I took over her kitchen to make my Very Special “Petits Four” (I think I used Betty Crocker cake Mix) and topped them with SUGARED VIOLETS (!) from the backyard. I had to WIN (and I did)!
I’ve never been so completely happy since that day. Still?….does it comes as a surprise to anyone that, 35 years later, I’m not exactly sitting around with a wife and three children?????…..