“And Yet These Things Remain” (Beaufort, South Carolina)
Pencil, pastel, & watercolor
July, 2020

I’ve never actually spent any time, except for short visits to Savannah and Charleston, in the low country. Moreover, and for various, inexplicable reasons, I remain immune to the famous charms of crabs (prepared in any form), the novels of Pat Conroy, and boating (as a VERY general rule, which pretty much excludes me from every party even when I do happen to be visiting the region). Still?…..it is, indeed, beautiful down there…..a fact which I’ve learned from the various photographs sent to me by my various friends who happily make a point of living on the coast. This particular view came from my pal, Susan Murphy, who splits her time between Beaufort, SC and France (another place I’ve loved painting over the years, but wouldn’t want to live in). I finished this painting about an hour ago. Sometime tomorrow, I’ll perhaps get around to deciding whether I think it’s finished. One of the nicer aspects of posting/selling something on Facebook is that, once someone’s bought it, it IS, indeed, “finished”…….and then I have to think of something new to paint