“And I Shall Find Some Peace There”
Pencil and pastel
May 6 2020

I spent three hours this morning talking over the telephone with my mother (82 and quite lively), who’s justifiably worried-to-death about my much-loved sister in-law and the predictably-loved grandson, Will….both of whom work in the hospitals of my hometown in NEast Tennessee. Then, I talked to two other friends who were just worried beyond measure……and I sat there, with my dogs on the wide porch of this old inn, in this sweet valley at the foot of the blue ridge…..and I wish I could bring them all here. Lord knows we (and the owners are stuck in Israel for the duration of this crisis) have rooms and beds to spare. It’s beautiful here and peaceful, and the news is just something that comes over the radio, if you care to turn it on. I don’t at all mean to sound flippant….but I once again recalled that I “got through” the AIDS crisis simply because I was a not-particularly-handsome guy living in rural Ireland or rural Virginia across those years……and “it” just didn’t happen to happen to me, individually. I feel the same (albeit more than a bit guiltily) just now. I do wish I could bring my friends and family here, which is very safe and peaceful place. Hence, this small landscape, which I did today. I don’t mind if this doesn’t sell (and, yes….I’m still keeping myself off my friends’ payroll to keep this old place going, so thank you for buying when you can). This is one I did for myself and my friends during these trying times. Still, pm or email if you’re interested in purchasing it….and here’s the only song to go with the mood of the piece….one of my favorites among the Burns songs (do, please listen to it)….. go to: