Well, this is what you (or at least I) do when you’ve taken up the habit of getting up everyday at 4 a.m and have a show in two weeks.

For years, I’ve loved the original (and considerably more cluttered/populated) photograph upon which this latest entry for my “Southern Alpherbet” is based.  I love her stance, I love her “look”, and I love the lady’s “I’ll give you exactly ONE minute of my time, Mister Camera-man!” expression. For the record?…..she was on her volunteer’s way to her elementary-school-aged grand-daughter’s Valentine’s Day home-room party.

Actually, my fondest (and just about the only) memories of elementary skool are of the Valentine’s Day and Christmas parties (yes….we used to have those in East Tennessee).

I hope everyone will agree with me in considering that, while this picture is sorta funny, it’s mostly sweet (a word I use seldom and reserve for instances when I mean it).

Thanks, as ever, to The Reverend Doctors Debby Stirling and Godfrey Herndon for their perhaps ill-advised encouragement.

oil pencil, watercolor, and india ink
12″x15 or so inches….