Nelson County, Virginia. 2005
Pen and Inks
This is the picture which, when hung in a show at the very fine “Nichols Gallery Annex” in Barboursville, VA. (go to: got me one of my favorite reviews:
“”….Terry portrays the things that define us. Instead of an oral history, he creates a visual history of the families and stories of Nelson County.,,,”
“The Daily Progress”, Charlottesville, VA
Of course, I never spoke to the interviewer, or I might have let-it-slip that the woman in the picture (Madue Adams) was born in Utah (in 1872) and died in New York….and that the man (the writer, Clyde Egerton) in the picture was born&lives in Durham, NC…..or that there’s not single thing in that picture that was ever actually in, much less FROM, Nelson County.
All done and said, there’s a great deal to be said for keeping your mouth shut (which I’ve done up until just now).