“Late September”
Pencil (lots of it), pastel, and watercolor pencil
For those who don’t know?….rose haws (otherwise known as rose hips) are the sorta-fruit from various old-fashioned, “wild” roses. Once dried, they taste similar to the hibiscus buds in that ubiquitous (circa 1975) “Red Zinger” tea. I once, back in the early 80’s, allowed myself to be coaxed into helping a friend (a former hippy who went giddy over anything vaguely “natural”) process an entire, big basket of rose-hips she’d dried (strung up above her wood-stove, mais bien sur). It was the most tedious chore I’ve ever been roped-into (just google “rose hip tea”). That said, they are pretty, in a jar or vase, come late September or so.