Yes, I know when, while titling my pictures, I’m referencing songs by The Chiffons.  I should emphasize that, when you’re the sort of guy who draws a lot of dogs, you have to be careful not to slip over into the purely/grotesquely sentimental……would you like for me to title this “A Winter’s Tail“????? (wink, wink,wink….cute,cute,cute??????)

    In any case.  this of my oldest and youngest dogs…Kate and Morgan…..a winter’s morning this past year in Hillsborough, where the light is much clearer than it is in Dear Olde Dirty Durham.  The river’s only about 1/4 of a mile away, so we also have lovely fogs on Spring and Summer mornings.
     And, in the interest of avoiding sentimentality?…..this is a portrait of Kate (the VERY dominant, old female of the house) bossing poor, young Morgan (Herve’s birthday present to me a year previously) around.  He’d (Morgan, not Herve) shit in the house again…..which is something she does NOT do herself or even begin to tolerate from younger, male dogs (poor, perpetually befuddled Dougan is her younger brother, God help him….).
      This is obviously based on a photograph I took that early morning (and,yes, the snow was that blue, reflecting the sky).  About five seconds later, Kate lit into young Morgan(who wasn’t cooperating).  All in all, Kate is the Martha Stewart of West Highland terriers…..which suits me just fine.