“En la Albaicin” (#2)
Pencil and pastel
$150 (pm or email dterrydraw@aol.com if interested in purchase)
The Albaicin hill, rising precipitously from the Darro gorge/river is the old Arab/Muslim neighborhood in Granada. Unlike other sections of Granada, it hasn’t changed much since the Reconquista…it’s all narrow, winding, medieval lanes, many of which eventually (once you’ve made the long hike up) suddenly open out to one or another of the small plazas at the summit. One can have dinner out on the terraces. The Alhambra sits directly across the gorge and at the same height as the Albaicin. In the daytime, sitting there and enjoying a beer in the 110-degree heat, you can see the snow-capped Sierra range. Astonishingly enough, those mountains are only about fifteen miles away. It’s more than a bit Himalaya-esque..(I’ll post two views from the Albaicin in a separate posting)