I worked on this, quite fussily and unproductively, for two days, and I threw the first version away, This second version was done in about two hours this morning, and I'm pleased. I like it very much, in fact.

I don't, finally, know why anyone would choose to have a Great Dane (or, for that matter, a Borzoi or any of the really large breeds).  All the ones I've known are surprisingly good-looking,sweet and gentle.....but they just die so damn young, which must be heartbreaking. I don't think I could get used to that drill......which is why I stick to having my terriers (who aren't necessarily at all sweet or gentle, but who do, however, tend to stick around for at least 16 years).

I don't want to investigate/see a therapist about my all too obvious inclination to choose (when it comes to whom/what I live with every day) guaranteed longevity over a genuinely sweet nature.

pastel, oil pencils, watercolor