“Lowcountry Sarabande”
Pencil and pastels
May 2020

As for the painting (a drawing, more accurately, I suppose) itself? I don’t know how everyone else began his/her Sunday morning today, but I began mine by stealing from a stranger. Idly scrolling through all the folks that Facebook suggested I befriend, I did notice that one woman (another Sewanee alumnus….what a surprise…) had posted a photograph of what I gather is the view from her front porch. It is, as even mountain-born-&-raised me has to admit, beautiful. I can see why so many folks I know love Pawley’s Island (I’ve heard about it, endlessly, for decades, without having ever visited it) and that whole Lowcountry region. And just for the public record?….while doing this today, I poked around more in the new pastels I ordered in February. Who knew that there was a ready-made color conveniently named “Sunset Pink”….and two others named “Peach/Flesh” and “Cloud Blue”????? As you can tell, I went to town on those girls, so to speak. Pm or email me if you’re interested in this piece. I expect it’ll go quickly.Sunsets always do….both literally and figuratively……..