“Breathing” (August morning; 2023)
Pencil, pastel, and drybrush
“…Day breaks, and the boy wakes up,
And the dog barks, and the birds sing,
And the sap rises, and the angels sigh……”
—-James Taylor & Reynolds Price, “Copperline”; Orange County, NC. 1990.
This being North Carolina, we do have many Summer mornings like this…..when, for an hour or so before the heat slams in, the earth really does seem as though it’s breathing, and (if you’re not stuck in the town) everything seems newly-born.
I did, one time, tell Reynolds that he, James, and I all had one semi-fatal-flaw……which was that all three of us were, as grown men, a bit too much in love with our very young selves. I was right.