"Nobody's Girl" (Hillsborough, NC) Pastels, watercolor, and pencil

Well, before packing up the dark pastels and mixes from this past month's Tom Rankin portrait, I went ahead and finished up this portrait, which I'd begun at the same time (same dark, half-tones).  It'll go into the Fall Studio show, I think.

For those who wonder and worry about The State of Women in Our World?......despite the portrait's title, the model is a fine friend & neighbor of mine who, given that she was hired to chair Duke's Electrical Engineering Department, scarcely qualifies for Waif-Status. That said....she's been (thus far) a very good & fairly cooperative model for my own purposes/uses/ & moods.

The title's taken, of course, from a really beautiful Bonnie Raitt song....do, please,go to:


She don't need anybody to tell her she's pretty.
She's heard it every single day of her life.
He's got to wonder what she sees in him
When there's so many others standing in line.

She gives herself to him, but he's still on the other side.
She's alone in this world, She's nobody's girl.
She's nobody's girl.

She shows up at this doorstep in the middle of the night,
Then she disappears for weeks at a time.
Just enough to keep him wanting more
But never is he satisfied.

And he's left to pick up the pieces, wondering what does he do this for?
She's off in her own little world, She's nobody's girl.
She's nobody's girl.

He said "Before I met her, I didn't love nothin.'
I could take it or leave it, and that was okay, but
She brings out a want in me
For things I didn't even know that I need."

She does anything she wants, anytime she wants to,
With anyone. You know, she wants it all.
Still she gets all upset over the least little thing,
When you hurt her, it makes you feel so small.

And she's a walking contradiction,
But I ache for her inside.
She's fragile like a string of pearls.
She's nobody's girl.

She's fragile like a string of pearls.
She's nobody's girl.
She's nobody's girl.
She's nobody's girl.