"Happy Girl" (Cris Rivera; North Carolina. 2015) Don't ask me why or how they do it, but Cris Rivera, another friend of mine (Julie Cusatis), and my sister-in-law-woman, Mary Terry, simply make me immediately happier every time I'm around them....even if just for an afternoon. None of them is, by any means, a dummy....nor are any of them "Little Miss Sunbeam", giddy-cheerleader types.  As I said, don't ask me how they do it.....I just know that they do, and I always look forward to seeing them (which is all too seldom in all three cases).

In any case, this is Cris (who has the most beautiful skin of any woman I know)......and a very-genuine smile that really can light up a room.

the only song for this is, of course, Beth Chapman's song (as sung by Martina McBride).  Go to:


"Happy Girl"
oil pencil, watercolor, and pastel