"The Birds of the Air" (for my good friends, April and Caroline. Hillsborough, NC. )

"The Birds of the Air"

(April Brown; Hillsborough, NC)


watercolor pencil, watercolor, and oil pencil


Hey Folks.....I've rarely jumped my own gatepost over the past years, but I did so yesterday by posting that portrait of my friend April.  She liked it, but I later looked at it and thought "Oh shit....I've given her the lazy eye...something about that left eye is just WRONG.....".

When I was growing up in East Tennessee in the 1960's, everyone (it seemed) made fun of anyone whose parents didn't have the money to have their son/daughter's "lazy eye" "Fixed".....which was (as even I knew at the time) an awful thing to do.

Well?...I got up this morning. got myself decently showered and shaved, and re-did the whole portrait over the past nine hours (not hard when you've done it once, already).  In any case?...I FIXED the "lazy eye" I'd given my neighbor/friend, April.  The first version was, quite frankly, rushed....and that showed.  She doesn't think she's beautiful, but I think she is.

Perhaps I should emphasize that I'm more than well- aware that most of the folks I know these days will say "Who's this  'Matthew'....and why is he telling me the time?".  Still?... it's Matthew. 6:26.....which is appropriate (and, I hope, helpful) for my friends April and Caroline (they're friends, also) at this time. Both will, I think, understand the title.

 Here's the new version....which is much improved, I think.....