"The West Wind" (portrait of The Rev. Vance Eastridge, for my father) Hey Folks,

I just finished this....my christmas present to my father (who's taken up the canny habit of asking for commissions of his friends, rather than asking for cash, new cars, or trips to Vegas...none of which he's likely to get from me).

In any case, this portrait(which I finished about twenty minutes ago) is of the Rev. Vance Eastridge, and I expect that my father will be giving it to him for Christmas. Vance, like all of us, is from Washington County, Tennessee....and, yes, we live at the foot of the mountains.  Go any further East, and your tail ends up in danged old North Carolina.....

My father (to whom I speak to pretty much every day for the past fifty-some years) and I were both raised by our respective mothers (I knew his quite well, and he's been married to mine for something over fifty years) to know that the best gift you can give someone is something that he/she can give to someone else.