"Making Plans" (a Christmas Portrait....for Nancy Vest of Hillsborough, NC) Hey Folks,

This morning, I mailed off ten paintings and all of my other Christmas presents to clients, various relatives, and some folks who might as well be relatives.  Let's hope everyone gets their stuff  in time. Afterwards, I stopped off at my friend Sharon Wheeler's little bookstore ("The Purple Crow") down the main street, and I picked up the two copies of Truman Capote's "A Christmas Memory" that I'd ordered.

Then?....I came back home and finished a small portrait I'd started a few weeks ago....of the very nice Nancy Vest (who turns out to be from my home town...Johnson City, TN....and who now lives here in Hillsborough). I've gathered that the originating photograph is from decades ago; still, I think it's lovely.  What a good smile....

I finished this portrait (which will be a gift) this afternoon, while playing Tim O'Brien's "Making Plans" (I love this song)......to settle myself down into my Christmas-mood for this year.

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"I been making plans
For a season filled with cheer..
I got my round-trip ticket,
And I can't wait to make it home this year....

I can't wait to see those
Colored lights a-shining,
The snow sparkling like
The eyes of children, shining.....
lining the shop windows....

Hello, my old home town.
I been waiting for too long
Old friends are coming around;
We'll be singing the same songs
Stars on top of the trees
Stockings hung on fireplaces
All hearts are filling with love
See the smiles on all the faces there

I got my christmas list,
marked up with hugs and kisses.
There's one special name
and I sure hope she misses me the same....

Oh, I been making plans....