"Another Lullaby" (for Alyson Brown)

oil pencil, pastel, and watercolor



The sister of a good friend of mine was at my house this past week. My friend & neighbor, April, had telephoned to let me know that her sister's much beloved (if, as the sister told me that night, very old) dog had been seriously attacked by some other dogs the previous week....so that she'd had to have the old boy put down. 

I felt awfully sorry for her that night (she's a very nice person, and you could tell she loved that old dog), as we sat at my dinner table that night last week.  So, I did this picture for her today (I "stole" the photograph from her facebook page). Having had many dogs over many years, I know that most folks act as though you had just announced that your old dishwasher had broke-down, and you'd simply had to buy a new one. It's never that simple when it comes to animals you care for/love.

The title's taken from an Art Garfunkel song(written by, of course, Jimmy Webb) from 1973.

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Close your eyes, my pretty child
Though the night is dark and the wind is wild
I will stand beside your bed
Tonight there is nothing you need fear or dread

You can sleep now, go to sleep
The rain falls and the windows weep....
....The daytime's dying, and the nighttime's so deep


Close your eyes, my mother wise

When the waves are angry and the north train cries...


I'm standing by to sing a lullaby
Close your eyes, my sister fair
Though the snow is falling and the trees are bare
And I will hold you by the hand
Tonight there is nothing you need try to understand

You can sleep now, go to sleep
Tomorrow comes but it will keep
I'm standing by to sing a lullaby
Another lullaby, another lullaby, another lullaby...