"Here to Stay" (portrait of Nancy & Steven Demorest)


oil pencil, watercolor, & pastel


If you cut through the back of our property and jump the fence to the northwest, you'll eventually end up at the back porch of Tamarind...which seems to be most folks' "favorite house" in Hillsborough. Bang on the back door, and you're likely to meet Nancy and Steven (who seem to be most folks' favorite couple in Hillsborough).  They are, I'll readily emphasize, awfully-awfully nice.

They were (for YEARS) the head writers for "The Guiding Light" and "General Hospital"....and, no....I don't, in fact, know where they keep all their Emmy statues.  Presumably in one of the bathrooms.

That said?.....I've warned Nancy that, at one point or another, my mother's going to be here again....and this time the Demorests are going to have to hop over the fence and come have dinner with her. My mother will react (and talk-talk-talk) as I would if someone brought Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, and Flaubert to my house for the same lunch.  My mother is reasonably fond of her husband (my father), her grown sons, and her grandchildren....but she LOVES her soap operas.

In any case, aren't Nancy and Steven an eminently adorable-looking couple?  For all I know, they kidnap, kill, and eat other folks' kittens during their off-hours.....but they do, in the end, know how to look good when it's time to pose for a portrait.

I should also admit that, for a long while there (and given what I saw on Nancy's Facebook page), I couldn't quite figure out where they actually spent most of their days. That mystery (and in a town this small, we do love our little, tittle-tattle, self-concocted "mysteries") was cleared up for me by a mutual friend who basically told me that Nancy (a die-hard Southerner, for all her years in Manhattan) and Steven (a born&bred Yankee) had agreed to marry each other if they split their vacation weeks between Pawley's Island and his old stomping-beaches in Rhode Island.

I find that information infinitely charming/amusing......and a wonderful example of the necessity for happy-making compromise in a marriage.

I'll also add that (as I told Nancy yesterday)half the check-out girls (I'm old enough to regard women who are obviously under 25 as "girls") at the local Food Lion have a crush on Mister Steven. He and I chatted briefly when I ran into him there, and all I heard afterwards was a breathless, half-whispered "You KNOW him?....Oh my God....he's just really CUTE.....".  I allowed as how he, indeed, was handsome.....but also quite married.

Such, I suppose, are the heartbreaks & disappointments inevitably encountered when one regularly shops or works at the Food Lion out on Highway 70.

In any case, here's Nancy and Steven.  The title is, of course, taken from the following song....so, you have to go to: